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Since the inception of kayak fishing hand paddles, paddle sportsmen have used these innovative paddles to actively pursuit other kayak related hobbies, interests and adventures. Providing a simple one-handed paddle operation while maintaining stealth, any paddle sportsmen will soon find these hand paddles beneficial to their next paddling experience.

We all know the performance benefits kayak fishing hand paddles have brought to the kayak angling community. Yes, you can finally “paddle and fish” together! No more trying to hold onto your fishing rod and perform a one-handed flail with a seven foot kayak paddle. Now you can silently move your boat a few yards without spooking your prey. Paddle stealthily, catch more fish!

But what else can the local kayak sportsman do with kayak fishing hand paddles? One-handed stealth maneuvering is inflatable paddle board obviously the biggest benefit provided by these hand paddles. However, they are not just for the “kayak fishing” community only. Simple and stealthy paddling tactics can be applied to many other paddle sporting activities.

Kayak photography. Have you ever tried to photograph nature from water borne platforms? Kayaks provide the unique opportunity to get in and up close to wildlife in many aquatic ecosystems. Requiring only three to four inches of water to navigate, kayaks can stealthily put you closer to your photographic opportunities than you can imagine. Having wildlife only yards away, comfortable in their environment, makes for awesome pictures.

Shooting photos from a boat is always a challenge. Water being a fluid environment, it creates its own dynamic problems. Throw in a breeze, wind or current and now you have another factor involved in trying to capture the perfect shot. Is wildlife on the move? Just another variable to contend with.

Now try paddling your kayak, while holding your camera on target. To make those minor current or wind corrections, you will find that you have to put down your camera to paddle your boat. Basically, it takes two hands to manipulate a seven foot kayak paddle. You cannot possibly hold your camera steady, paddle your boat and set up for the perfect shot.

Generally the closer you can get to the photo opportunity, the better the picture. Flailing a seven foot kayak paddle while trying to capture the moment will generally cost you the shot. What wildlife is going to hang around as you try to approach with kayak paddles flying? Do you think you are being very stealthy?

Wildlife photography requires an element of knowledge, patience and stealth. You have to be able to identify and understand how wildlife acts in their natural surroundings. Understanding the basic characteristics of your target allows you the patience to study their habitat and identify photo opportunities. Of course, getting the best shot always requires stealth.

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