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Splash Pages – these are beautiful introductory pages, either containing huge sized text promoting a product, or perhaps a dazzling flash movie or YouTube video. In fact, some of these pages don’t even contain any text, but making up for it with their spectacular graphics and constant empty promises with little value- the real question is this though, do Splash pages actually increase your organic website traffic?

If you listen to your web designer, who to be clear mostly works with making your website appeal to the world visually, they would no doubt tell you “absolutely”. So would any other artist, or right-brain oriented person. Perhaps you’re selling a course on graphic design, or promoting stellar graphics packages, maybe there’s some merit to having one of these gorgeous displays. However, should we ever underestimate what good SEO and quality content can add for your website? Probably not.

Lets take an honest look at the downside of a splash page…

Say somebody within your niche comes across your website. They come to see what you have to offer, perhaps seeking out good quality content. Instantly, he finds himself faced by what feels like a brick wall; some element that is literally blocking them from finding the information they are seeking. Sounds familiar right?

If your animated Flash movie is stunningly relevant, great looking, and actually provides some sort of visual captivation for the user, you might think he’d stay and be dazzled. To be honest, a very small percentage of your visitors actually may be amazed by such things. Please know that this group is quite unique, but really alone in their own. Graphics can indeed incline website visitors to stay and have 토토안전사이트 a look around. It’s just not very likely. That fact alone should affect your decision making. A visitor who is not interested in your flashy images and videos is a person that is generally not interested in your business or products you offer. That’s not to say the person does not want to buy the products or services you are offering, but quite frankly, they are simply distracted by all of the entertainment value you are trying to offer with your website.

I like to also compare this sort of advertisement to commercials that I would call “annoying”. Think about that commercial where some voice is screaming and bragging about how amazing their product is. Now think about that commercial barely giving you any constructive information about that product other than the ultra low(or expensive) price you can get their “amazing” product for. If anything, I’m sitting there waiting for them to stop looking ridiculous as I can read between the lines. Take my advice, a splash page certainly works this way for a lot of people who see them. Potential customers prefer to have the information their looking for over all the flash and nonsense. People want answers every single time they perform a search on the internet. This is why providing quality content is important as well as proper SEO to complement that.

You have just a few seconds to make a good impression That’s really it at most, to capture your visitor’s interest and convince him it would be his loss if he were to leave your webpage. Your visitor needs to know he can get exactly what he came there for. It’s that simple. For those that have paid a lot of money for their splash pages, probably thinking their entitled to great traffic flow and buyers, sorry to burst that bubble. If your site does not offer quick, valuable information, or any information at all for the sake of getting someone to opt in to your service, then it will most likely not gain you customers.

Now of course, you could drive tons of random traffic to your site either through PPC and other methods. Your hopes with that would be just to get a small percentage to click through and opt in to your service. But please consider how much money you would be potentially wasting if all your user saw was a flash page with an opt in form. You absolutely must provide something constructive for that visitor to see. Why should they want to opt in to something that has given no information? Honestly in a lot of cases, people are curious and they opt in. But just as quickly as they opt in, they can soon opt out. You can lose a lead just as quickly as you gained them, and that’s either for 2 reasons:

1. You purposely withheld information about your products/services for the sake of an opt in
2. You neglected to give any information about your products/services and still got an opt in off of curiousness

In either one of those cases, that lead you developed is simply not reliable!

To bounce off of that point, take a look at your results. The proof is there, right in your website stats. Go check for yourself, and see how long the average visit to your splash page lasts. Odds are these visits last less than 10 seconds, and is an indicator that your audience is simply not engaged with what you have to say. In addition to that, take a look at your bounce rate. Are your visitors taking the time to sift through your webpages? A high bounce rate is a clear factor that either your content is not engaging, or that our traffic is not good focused traffic. This is an allusion to those who purchase web traffic that is faulty, but it can also be a result of poorly done SEO practices. These websites your build must simply have content to accompany those graphics. They work hand in hand, not separately.

Your splash page is more than likely holding your visitor hostage in a sense, stopping him from finding the information he came here to claim. He looks for navigation buttons, literally anything to get out of your web page. It’s even worse if pop ups are constantly stopping that visitor from leaving the page. Sometimes he can’t even find his way through with the way splash pages are being constructed today. If he finds the latter, you might actually be lucky, and get a click-through. If not, he’s out of there in a flash. It’s as simple as that.

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