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The day Mafia Wars fans have been waiting for is finally here! After months of playing the New York, Cuba and Moscow episodes over and over again, the complete set of Bangkok episodes have finally gone live.

In order to access Bangkok, you will need to have the Triad Coin, Yakuza Sake, Thai Note as well as a Thai Passport. These are easily achievable and you only require one of each. Getting a passport might be tricky, you can receive one from a friend, purchase one or simply try your luck asking for the clerk for one.

Once you’re in, you’ll notice that you’ll now have eight new businesses to invest in, the Fighting Fish Arena, Cockfighting Pen, Tourist Guide Scam, Gambling Den, Drug Smuggling Ring อนิเมะซับไทย, Piracy Operation, Gun Running Operation and Yaa Baa Parlor. As usual, these produce a particular product every 3 hours which you can sell for money (Thai Baht in this case). You will also be able to upgrade the quality, capacity and output in order to generate more income.

As expected, Mafia Wars Bangkok also comes with all new loot and collection items such as the Chess Set, Masks Collection, Spices Collection, Carvings Collection and Orchids Collection. However, what is truly unique about the Bangkok episodes is that you’ll have to choose between two factions when performing your jobs, the Yakuza and the Triad. Choosing to help one faction will increase the goodwill they have towards you and but concurrently increase the hostility of the opposite faction against you. This ultimately affects the loot you’ll be able to get.

Which faction should you choose to help? Telling would be spoiling the fun. See you in Bangkok!

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