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If you ever Googled the phrase “click here” you would be astounded by how many results you get. A staggering 3,510,000,000 without quotes and 778,000,000 with quotes. What’s going on here?

I sure hope for the sake of SEO, that these are only found in sentences instructing web visitors to “click here” and not in the anchor text itself.

Why does this matter? And what is anchor text anyway?

Well, anchor text is that phrase you get in your links. The phrase that’s usually highlighted to show that there is an active hyperlink on the webpage. Mostly this shows up in a nice bright blue colour. Google and other search engine crawlers use it to to predetermine what’s likely to be on the next page they will visit upon clicking through.To put it simply, if you were reading a certain webpage and there was a link with “red shoes” in the anchor then by common sense you most likely will see red shoes on the next page free spins coin master here. By the same token if you happen to have a million links to yor website and all of them say “red shoes” in the anchor text then we can safely assume that your website is about red shoes and this helps make your site look relevant in the eyes of search engines when people search for red shoes. This by far is not the be all and end all to rank for red shoes but all things being equal and your site had the relevant anchor text when your competitors do not, then you would get the edge.

So, are you using the right anchor text in your links? Are you one of the hard working millions that stay up late to build backlinks only to fall prey to the the curse of the “click here” anchor text? You see when you put click here in the anchor text it is not obvious what to expect on the next page in the eyes of the site crawlers and spiders. These robots do not comprehend human languages and only know to find the search phrase when asked to find it. They will find “red shoes” in your competitors website and mark it as relevant while they find “click here”in your website and mark it as relevant to someone that sells “click here”. Of course this does not make sense but the robots are not there to understand that your website described certain shoes then asked visitors to “click here” for those shoes. They are only machines. If they do not find red shoes on your site then it their eyes you are not selling red shoes period.

Make sure you use the right anchor text in your links and reap the maximum link-juice from your backlinks because we are almost a 100% certain that whatever line of business you are in, you are not selling any “click here”!

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