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As a teacher, I am very interested in the attitudes and behaviors of my school kids. They are my guinea pigs in the experiment of how I teach. My beliefs about human beings are quite conventional. I believe we are all creative beings, able to learn and adapt. My six years of teaching in a middle school and high school have taught me that I was wrong.

Think school was tough for you? Our kids have it much worse

Although I had no difficulty teaching my classroom about the day’s events, there was one major problem. My school kids were not listening. My executive function skills were not developing because they were focused on solving problems rather than engaging others. In short, the kids were not practicing what I taught them during the past six years.

Teaching is an art of communicating what it means to be human to children who have yet to learn how to do so long island preschool. In order for kids to practice this skill, it is important for them to be engaged in social interaction. In the middle school, there was a major lack of social interaction and many students seemed to spend their spare time sitting in their rooms. This made for a very miserable group of people, even if they were not learning. The solution? We needed to engage the kids more in activities that would promote self-advocacy and better homework.

The best place to start is with self-advocacy activities. We can help our students learn about self Advocates come in all shapes and sizes; some are pretty outgoing and talkative, others more quiet and introverted. There are those who want to be the leaders and do good deeds, others who are scared away from confrontation and would prefer to stay in the background. Regardless of our personality type, the goal should be the same encourage kids to take responsibility for their futures and pursue a life of service and social responsibility. We do this by offering creative homework assistance, involving the kids in social activities and by giving inspirational talks and inspiring words.

Homework Helpers There are several different homework helpers out there to help our students raise their grades. Some of them are great and others not so much. But regardless of which ones we use, the main idea is the same. Our kids need someone to guide them through the homework process and make sure they are doing things right by giving them tips and tricks to remember what was learned that year.

By making the homework process fun and interactive, we can encourage kids to see themselves as adults who are successful. This will in turn motivate them to do better next time. They will also be excited about being at school and getting better grades as a result of their hard work. Not only will they be excited, but they will see themselves as adults who have achieved something that they had only imagined.

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