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Have you heard of the THC blog? It’s a blog that was started about four years ago with the intent of bringing awareness to the dangers of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC or hashish in some places. Some say the THC blog is a scam and that there’s no way to test for the presence of THC in a substance. But others say that there are many ways to test for THC.

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The THC blog has been critical of pharmaceutical drugs such as OxyContin and other prescription pain killers. On its website, it says that it does not recommend using any drug for pain relief except one that contains CBD. It also says that there are many benefits from using natural remedies to combat chronic pain. It recommends herbal remedies such as olive leaf extract, which it says “has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.” hemp oil is recommended, and also hemp seed and cannabidiol. There is a number of articles on this site dealing with various health issues including medical marijuana Holistic Wellness Blog.

Recently, I wrote an article about CBD products and asked readers to share their experiences with them in the comments section below. Many people were interested in this article and chimed in with their own stories. Here are some of those personal stories, along with a link to a current article I’ve written on CBD products.

“I use a couple products that are not mentioned in your blog. My personal recommendation would be Sunbrella and Melatrol. You can find these products at just about any health food store. They are made with real hemp oil, which is highly refined and somewhat pricey. The hemp oil soaks into your skin much better than regular oil, and the products have a longer shelf life.”

“I’m not a big fan of prescription pain pills, in general. However, if I need a pain pill that won’t get in my mouth, and won’t do me long term damage, then maybe painkillers would be okay for me.” – Anonymous Pain Relief Specialist

“I use Melatrol with a dab of marijuana. Melatrol is made from hemp oil and has some very unique properties. I take one to two tablets with my marijuana.” – Rob

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