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Having periodic STD testing done is just as important as having your annual Pap smear. Genital infections can be tricky and it’s wise to know what you’re dealing with in order to keep yourself healthy and safe. There is no need to go to a gynecologist or receive a pap smear unless you have a medical reason. However, if you’re sexually active or casually dating someone, it may be wise to have a checkup to make sure that you and your partner are not at risk for catching an STD. Many people don’t get regular STD testing, but there are certainly many benefits to getting regular screening.

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First of all, having periodic STD testing is the responsible thing to do. If you’re sexually active, having tested for STDs regularly is one of the best things you can actually do to maintain your overall health and protection. Be sure to have an honest and open discussion with your primary care doctor about your past sexual history and ask him/her if you should be screened for STDs. Your doctors will be able to tell you whether you should go for an exam or not My Labs.

If you suspect that you might be at risk for STDs, your doctor may suggest that both you and/or your partner get tested. If you currently are practicing monogamy, your doctor might recommend that both of you get tested. Some STDs, such as HIV, can have long incubation periods before you feel any symptoms, so it’s important to be aware of this. If you or your partner do have an STD, it’s important to get tested right away. Often times, people do not seek treatment immediately because they fear they’ll be infected with the STD. Getting tested early can help save you a great deal of pain later on.

In most cases, a simple swab test can determine whether or not you’ve been exposed to an STD. You’ll be asked to provide a urine sample or a blood test, and then your physician will swab some of your skin. A positive result will indicate that you have a current STD, and you’ll be given proper treatment.

However, there are instances when people may not have shown symptoms of STD for months or even years. If you’re currently engaging in sexual activity with multiple partners, it’s important to remember that you should still get tested every once in a while. You never know when your partner could be infected or when another partner can have an STD. For this reason, most doctors recommend that patients practice safe sex at all times and regularly get tested. If you’re sexually active or just thinking about it, you should definitely get screened for STDs so you know what you are up against.

Remember, there are many different types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and they have different incubation periods. Some can show up after only one partner has had intercourse, while others can take months or even years to show up after multiple partners have come into contact with each other. Because the incubation period for most STD’s is quite long, it’s crucial to use safe sex at all times, even if you think you don’t have any STDs at all. If you do have STD, or if your partner does have an STD, you should discuss any concerns you may have with your physician. There are many STD testing clinics where you can go and be tested right away, and there are also many STD clinics where you can receive treatment on site.

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