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Often we see over achievers and wonder how on Earth they do it? Well, do you want to know a secret to the over achiever club? Interestingly enough being the best in the world at what you do only takes a little more preparation and goal setting than being at the top of your field. Being at the top of your field only takes a little more effort than being in the mean average of your field. It only takes a little more insight and hard work to go from the bottom of an area of expertise or having lousy skill sets to being average superslot.

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So if we look at this from a logical standpoint we can break this into three stages, which take someone from Lousy or a beginner rather to an average player or average participant in an industry. Really that only takes practice and a meaningful set of goals to get there. Now then, going from average to the top grouping is not so tough really, that only takes proper planning, strategic objectives and goal setting. To go from the top group to the number one slot takes a very sharp focus, discipline and strict adherence to a set of goals.

Now then, let us look at the break down. In each step it requires goal setting. In my life I have always worked hard, committed myself to a set of goals and always become number one in my endeavors. Always! It is not magic, but it involves never giving up, perseverance and strategic goal setting. You can do this too.

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