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Salon De Esprit is a well known French salon situated in the old quarter of Tours. It has two branches, one situated in Tours itself and another one within the city. The second branch was established several years ago and still under its own management. It offers a wide variety of services to its customers. Apart from offering beauty treatment and haircutting, the salon provides manicures and pedicures along with massages, facials and a variety of hair dressing options.

Hair styling is one of the best selling services offered by the salon. A wide variety of stylists are available who can fix any type of cut, curl, length, style and color of hair. They are professionals with knowledge and experience in this field. These salon assistants are always ready with their latest innovative products and tools for enhancing the looks of your hair. Their goal is to make you look better and fresher

The salon is equipped with all the necessary equipment required for various procedures. It also serves as a dermatologist’s clinic. Here all types of skin and hair are covered. This way the chances of any allergies are reduced. This also ensures that your skin and hair remain acne and rashes free.

This salon caters to all different types of people, young or old. There are some special treatments that they offer for hair loss patients. Men and women have different needs. Women need to take good care of their hair and keep it healthy. This is why they are advised to go to a salon every now and then to get their hair done. It keeps the hair healthy and combable.

A visit to this salon is sure to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The environment is filled with fresh air and positive vibes. Most clients that come to them to seek comfort. They are very good at knowing what relaxes you and makes you feel relaxed.

A haircut at this salon is like having your own personal stylist at your beck and call. You are free to ask whatever questions you want regarding your hairdo and your style. A cut at this place is much longer lasting than the one you get at a barbershop. So definitely you are satisfied with the results.

Salon de Esprit has its own team of hair care professionals who are devoted to giving you the best service. There is a team of specialists who specialize in the various cuts, colors and styles that suit your hair. Some of them even specialize in specific skin care problems and have their own spa at the salon.

This spa gives you a total treat and pamper. Its ambience is extremely relaxing and fun. The team here takes care of your hair while you are relaxing in the salon. Some of the famous celebrities also frequent this salon and they leave their hair behind in its premises.

You can ask your hair stylist for any advice regarding your hair and style. She will definitely provide you with a fashionable and trendy look. You should avoid going here if you have very long hair or if your hair is curly.

Here you are also able to choose the color that matches your mood and personality. The hair at this place is made from the finest quality of hairs, which is carefully taken care of. The salon employs only French people because it is a French institution. The staff here cares for each and every customer very lovingly and efficiently.

At this salon there are also a number of attractive discounts available. You can take them if you are running a successful business. There are some special discounts offered on special occasions and during vacation trips.

Visit this salon during your holiday trip and enjoy yourself immensely. You can buy some of the most exotic products and make your stay unforgettable. It has many features, where you can relax comfortably. This salon also has a very good reputation. It is a favorite attraction of many travelers.

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