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You only have to have been keeping an eye on what has been happening over the past 12 months in the Spy Equipment market to see that manufacturers have really been getting their act together when it comes to their latest offerings in the spy gadget arena. When I say manufacturers, the main producers of spy stuff has to be the Chinese and Taiwanese. Labour in these regions of the world is very cheap and as a result goods can be marketed at very competitive prices.

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Now from my point of view, having examined what was being produced by these regions two years ago as opposed to what is on offer now, it is obvious that the latest finished products are manufactured to a much higher standard. And although previous finished articles were cheap copies of items on offer from other more accomplished and established electronic producers, now the latest spy gadgets are more innovative and have been finished off properly บุหรี่ไฟฟ้าราคาถูก.

So what are the star products on offer at the moment? Covert camera technology has taken leaps and bounds forward. Spy camera recording systems can be built into almost everything. car key fob cameras, pen cameras, cigarette lighter cameras and even camera and recording systems incorporated identity tags are taking covert surveillance into new realms. These spy gadgets are evolving every six months. Each new generation gives higher recording capacity, higher recording resolutions and now options of both still and video image capture on one device. GSM 3G cameras are also getting smarter. The latest in this line of products not only have remote monitoring on a mobile phone, but also recording control functions as well making these advanced spy gadgets truly global camera systems.

I am sure that in the next six months I will be reporting that voice recording systems will be built into large buttons or something equally incredible. The fact remains that spy gadgets are becoming smaller, more covert and ever more powerful month on month, so if you are looking for spy stuff that is future proof, then there are no recommendations, because the latest spy gadgets will always steal the show.

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