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E-books first appeared a good two years ago and everyone was curious about it. Everyone wanted to tap into the power of reading e-books on the go as well as the jump into the bandwagon of a revolutionary world of literature. The power of these e-book users have become quite impossible to ignore. Both book lovers and techies have purchased e-book readers and have taken their reading passion on the road.

But just like ordinary computers, laptops and notebooks, e-book viewers are also vulnerable to security issues. Over the past months, various owners of e-books have shared how their devices have been stolen and their accounts and identities as well. E-book readers are basically computers. It uses a 3G wireless connection to connect to the internet and uses a web browser to go online and download electronic data. Since these three features have been known to be vulnerable to hackers and identity theft criminals, e-book readers should take necessary steps to protect their e-book readers from theft and their identity from being stolen Download Aadhar Card by Name and Date of Birth.

These are a handful of safety issues that you will be facing with your e-book user. You need to be aware of them so you’ll know that steps you should take to prevent them from happening to you:

1. E-book reader theft. E-book users appeal to its users because they are very light and very compact. They can be easily put inside your bag and no one will know that they are there. It is relatively lightweight so carrying them around is a breeze. To date, there are very few e-book users who offer password protection or locks to users. This simply means that if you leave your e-book user unattended, someone can simply pick it up and read the document that you are just reading. Obviously, the best way to counter device theft is to practice safety habits after using your devices like immediately putting your e-book viewer away or inside your purse or bag so that you are less likely to leave it behind.

2. Identity theft. Since most e-book users do not have locks or passwords and somebody stole your device, they can immediately login using your information and download e-books and charge it to your credit card. These are not isolated incidences because this has happened a lot of times to previous e-book reader owners who had their devices stolen. Of course, you can always block orders using your credit card but thieves can still use their own credit card and name to open a new account with e-book providers.

3. Viruses, malwares and spywares. Most e-book readers use 3G wireless networks and web browsers that have been modified to fit system capacities of most e-book readers. There are also a handful of e-book readers who would allow you to connect it to other computers to download and upload files. This being the fact, it simply follows that e-book readers are also prone to viruses and other malicious programs which may embed itself on the device and collect personal information for identity theft purposes.

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