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Jack Mason’s Mucha paintings are amongst the finest in all of modern art. Born into wealth and yet nurtured in poverty; Mucha is a legend whose name will live on through his famous paintings. At first glance, it would seem that Mucha was simply another artist who happened to have an exceptional talent for colour. The truth is much more complex. His career had much deeper roots – much the same as those of other artists who flourished in the European tradition of Impressionism.

Mucha began to paint as soon as he could write. He received his first profit after only two years of painting, and then he had established his reputation as an artist Jack Mason’s considerable success. Mucha’s success led him to spend a great deal of time travelling to various Europe, visiting many of the great Impressionist artists. He wanted to understand what made the masters tick and so ended up studying art with Sir Cecil Beaton, who had been one of the most innovative and astute artists of the late Victorian era.

Mucha’s career was littered with twists and turns, and his style varied with it. Some of his canvasses were hugely successful, others not so much. One thing was common though – his subject matter was always highly individual. The subject matter was always highly personal. And Jack Mason’s was no exception.

The modern world can take some credit for the fact that there is such a thing as modern colour theory. But it was also something that Jack Mason created on his own. He based his whole concept on his observation of the world around him. It is a simple concept; but an extremely important one.

The way we see the world is dictated largely by the prism through which we view colour. It is through this prism that we perceive the entire universe. The human eye is highly attuned to colour, and everything in it. This means that if you want your artwork to have the desired effect upon the viewer, you must make sure that you evoke and reflect that prism through your choice of colours. It is a very simplistic notion; but one which is sadly under-emphasised upon by too many people. So often the artists and their lack of ability to see colour properly is what is holding back great artists from taking the next big step forward.

There are plenty of great artists out there who clearly understand this concept. They are all using it to create magnificent paintings. Jack Mason is at the top of the list; he clearly understands how to use colour to communicate with his audience. If you are serious about becoming an artist, then why not give it a go? It is a great way to express yourself and get paid for it too.

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