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The world famous “Cupom Pichau” or World’s Finest Tea is actually a hybrid of Indian and Sri Lankan teas. The unique taste lies in a combination of the robust robustness of the Indian teas and the subtlety of the Sri Lankan variety. The tea has become famous not only in Sri Lanka but in other parts of the world as well.

In this article we will make you aware of the wonderful world of “Cupom Pichau”. Many people consider these teas as a luxury good, which can be afforded by only those people who have enough wealth. However, it is true that Cupom Pichau is becoming more famous across the world. You can find almost 100% pure cups of this tea available at many online stores. Its popularity is mainly due to its exquisite taste and the unique combination of the Indian and the Sri Lankan teas.

If you are a regular tea drinker, you would have heard of the name “Cupom Pichau“. Some people even call it by different names such as Golden Fingers, Golden Buddha or simply Pichu. But basically, this tea is known as the Sri Lanka Gold. It has a unique golden color, which is why many connoisseurs find it very appealing. It has a slight citrus flavor, hint of honey and a light aroma. Its weight makes it easier for it to brew and it stays lit for a longer period of time compared to others.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of “Cupom Pichau”. One is the fact that it is cheaper than many teas. Another reason is that it can be prepared according to ones fancy and even dried leaves can be used as ingredients. It has a wide range of consumption too. There are several blends which are available today and all of them are rich in taste and smell.

You can buy it from any local or even online tea shop. The cost of preparing it is very expensive as well, so people who do not have budget problems find it very challenging to prepare it. The price of a cup of “Cupom Pichau” varies from place to place. The more famous and well known teas are sold at higher prices than others.

The cost of preparing “Cupom Pichau” ranges from two dollars to four dollars depending on the ingredients and the process used. Most cups are prepared from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. This plant is rare and exotic. Even the cost of production is very expensive as it is grown only on plantations.

There are some famous hotels which offer tea services to many guests and offer cups of this wonderful drink to many connoisseurs. The price of a cup of “Cupom Pichau” depends on the place where you order it from. Many local hotels offer the service for free. Therefore, if you do not have much money to spend, you can try out the service of many hotels that offer cups of “Cupom Pichau” for free or for a very low price.

The “Cupom Pichau” is one of the most famous and widely served types of tea in Thailand. Its fame is mainly due to its delicious taste. You can also get to know about different flavors of “Cupom Pichau”, along with its processing methods. If you visit Thailand sometime, you must include this delicious tea into your list of most-loved teas. It is available in many places across Thailand.

You can find many shops selling cups of this special tea in Bangkok. However, due to the increasing number of tourists, these shops cannot keep the stock of all the varieties of “Cupom Pichau”. Therefore, you will not be able to enjoy a cup of “Cupom Pichau” at its best. However, there are many tea lovers who do not want to miss the opportunity of tasting the delicious tea. Therefore, to cater to their demands, many stores have opened over the years.

If you want to buy a cup of “Cupom Pichau”, the best option is to go to any departmental store or supermarket. Many people prefer to buy “Cupom Pichau” from the market. However, since many of them are not aware of the method of processing, they buy cups of “Cupom Pichau” from shops that offer the service of serving tea. These shops have trained personnel who serve the tea. The trained staff can be seen serving the tea. Moreover, many tea lovers who visit Bangkok and drink the “Cupom Pichau” that has been prepared at home, end up bringing some for friends and relatives back home.

Other than being served directly, the cup of “Cupom Pichau” can also be poured into a decanter. When you pour the tea into the decanter, it leaves a lovely foam on the drink. People who drink this type of tea often like it with cream or sugar. This beverage is also available in different flavors. Many of the companies that sell “Cupom Pichau” also produce other types of tea and sells them under various brand names.

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