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Caribou Facebook Pages is becoming a popular way for caribou hunters to communicate with each other. It has become easier to share photographs and stories of the Caribou Facebook you have come in contact with. This is not to say that you should not do this yourself, but adding another person can add a different perspective that you might not have seen otherwise. If you want to join in on the conversation, go ahead and create your own page.

It does not take much effort to start your own page. First, choose the location you would like all the posts to be made under. That is, you can choose a city or province depending on which group you belong to. Once you have chosen a city or region, go to the “Create a Page” link located on the upper right corner of the main page. There, you will see a drop down menu with four choices: Privacy, Community, Fun, and Current Events. Select “Pages” from the list of selections and fill out all the information requested by the drop down menu.

If you have previously posted to your personal account on Facebook, it is easy to choose an album or set it up as a page. Select the “Create a Page” link from the upper right corner of your main page. If you have not yet joined any groups associated with caribou hunting and viewing, go to your auto’s website and click “Find Friends”. Once there, click on “agarase” and type in your name and birthdate. Repeat this process for your caribou name, birthdate, and any other information you wish to associate with your hunting group.

Once you have done this, you can then select a location for your Caribou Facebook Group. To do this, click on the “Pages” link located at the upper left corner of the main page. On the next screen, click on “My Groups” and scroll through the various categories of interests for the Caribou Auto Group that you created. Click on “ategorize”, and your photo album will appear. Select the caribou you are interested in and start adding your comments and pictures.

The final step is to set the password for your Facebook group. Type in a word or short phrase that will be used to unlock the page. If you need to create a password for the entire account, type the phrase in the password box. Click “Sign In”, and the caribou page will be accessible for everyone to see. For security purposes, create a username that cannot be guessed or easily guessed – a phrase used by your family or friends so they cannot quickly join your group.

Once a member joins, he/she will be able to post photos and comments on the page. When a new photo is posted, it will go straight to the auto’s page showing everyone who hasn’t joined yet what the newest addition is. If someone wants to leave a message for you, all they do is click on” Messages” and then choose “send”. That’s all there is to the management of the caribou Facebook page. You can check your caribou’s stats every day at the end of the month, and view growth statistics. By getting more members into your group, you will see your sales climb and you’ll be able to provide better service to your customers.

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