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Having a charming patio that you can use in the warm weather is a fun way to extend the living space of your home. But installing a patio can be ambitious since there are many different styles and types – here are some great patio ideas that might help you create a wonderful outdoor living space which might have you finding yourself spending more time outdoors than in!

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An outdoor area needs lots of lush plants and the patio is just the place to have them. Decorating your patio area with great plants in containers in addition to having a garden area planted near the patio. Use large containers and planters of different shapes and sizes and group them together for effect. You should set 3 or 5 containers together in a group – using an odd number instead of an even number always looks better.

Patio Furniture

Todays patio furniture is versatile – weatherproof plastic that looks like wicker, painted metal and woods like redwood or teak are popular flagstone patio ideas. While buying cheap patio furniture might seem attractive, quality pieces will save you money in the long run. Be sure to get cushions that are weather proof and pieces that are easy to clean as outdoor furniture does get dirty fairly quickly.

Patio Accessories

Depending on what your patio ideas are, you can have a small table and chairs or an outdoor grilling station and bar. How far should you go? Consider the space you have for your patio as well as your budget. Depending on your budget, you might think about including a fire pit, seating, cooking area, hot tub, fountain, lighting and an outdoor bar.

Patio Surface

Of course, the most important aspect of your patio is the surface and this is something you should choose before anything else. Again, you want to keep it in a matching style to your home so if you have a more formal or brick face home then brick might be a good choice. A garden style patio might be perfect with pavers that look like flat stones. You can also use different style pavers, flagstone, sandstone or even marble. When choosing a material for your patio consider the durability and easy of cleaning as well as installation.

Patio Style

When you are designing your patio, you might keep your overall house style in mind. Your patio design should match the style and age of the house. A Victorian style home might look best with an intricate patio complete with wrought iron furniture. A Spanish style home would look great with a Mediterranean style patio. When designing your patio, think about bringing the indoor style of your home to your outdoor room.

Coming up with great patio ideas is as easy as going down to your local home improvement store and looking at the selection of patio blocks, pavers, furniture and accessories. Then take your ideas home and design a patio that will give you an extra outdoor room to enjoy.

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