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Cigarettes are processed leaves of the tobacco plant. Originally, the tobacco plant only grew only in North and South America. It belongs to the same family as pepper, potato and the very poisonous nightshade plant. It is believed that it started growing in the Americas in about 6000 BC. The American Indians started to use it in 1 BC in medicinal and religious practices.

SAMAA - Man arrested for selling e-cigarettes to children in Jhelum

When Christopher Columbus encountered the American Indians on October 15, 1492, they offered him dried tobacco leaves as a gift. After some time, sailors from Europe brought them home and planted it all over Europe. In 1571, Nicolas Monardes wrote about a book about medicinal plants and included tobacco as a medicinal plant that can cure thirty-six health problems. Then, Thomas Harriet promoted smoking as a way of getting a daily dose of tobacco; he died of nose cancer because it was popular then to smoke through the nose. During the early part of 1600’s, it was being used as a form of money because it was so popular. It was also during this time that its harmful effects are being realized; and Sir Francis Bacon noted that to stop smoking is very hard. In 1760, P. Lorillard, the oldest tobacco company in the US was established ขายบุหรี่ไฟฟ้า.

Tobacco helped finance the American Revolution in 1776; it was used as collateral for loans borrowed from France. As time passed, scientist began to understand the chemical content and harmful effects of smoking. And in 1826, nicotine was discovered and was concluded that it was a very poisonous substance. 1836, New Englander Samuel Green concluded that tobacco is an insecticide, a poison that can kill a man. Philip Morris was established in 1847 and started selling hand rolled Turkish cigarettes.

Cigarettes were gaining popularity during this time when English soldiers brought it home from the Russian and Turkish soldiers. Chewing tobacco also became popular with cowboy of the West during these times and cigarettes were produced from scraps of other products. In the 1900’s, cigarettes were to become the major tobacco product. It was also this time that there was a growing anti-smoking campaign with some states banning tobacco but the demand for cigarettes still grew.

The use of cigarettes soared up during the First World War and was called as the “soldier’s smoke”. In 1924, manufacturers started to market cigarettes for women and as a result, the number of female teenager smokers tripled. In World War II, cigarettes were included in the C-Rations and companies sent millions of it to soldiers for free. When the soldiers came home, manufacturers had many loyal customers. More evidences were being discovered linking smoking to lung cancer but manufacturers denied such harmful effects.

The Surgeon General’s report on “Smoking and Health” came out in 1964 which prompted the government to regulate the advertisement and sales of cigarettes. Television advertisements in Great Britain were taken off the air in 1965 and health warnings on packs begin to appear in 1966. Television advertisements in the US were taken off in 1971. Because of the growing number of women smokers, the Surgeon General reported on the Health Consequences of Smoking for Women. Many lawsuits were being filed against the tobacco industry for the harmful effects of smoking.

In 1982, second hand smoking was reported to cause lung cancer and many public places started to forbid smoking especially in the workplaces. In 1985, lung cancer became the number 1 killer of women. There were also evidences that nicotine was addictive making it very hard to stop smoking.

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