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Many people are intrigued by the idea of using another operating system. The biggest concern is that in trying a new operating system that the Windows installation will somehow be messed up. There are some ways of trying a new operating system like Ubuntu without touching Windows.

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You can try Ubuntu with a Live CD.

One option is to download and burn what is called a Live CD. If you don’t know how to download and burn this CD, you can always request a free CD from Ubuntu or sometimes find free ones at computer stores.

Once you have this CD put it into your computer and turn off your machine. When you turn it back on you will see a screen asking if you want to install and try Ubuntu windows 11 iso. Don’t worry about the word “install” because you can’t accidentally install it if you don’t want to. The entire operating system will run off the CD letting you check it out without messing up Windows.

You can also try Ubuntu in a virtual machine.

The other option is to run a virtual machine. This is quite a bit more complex. Download a free program called Virtual Box. After it’s open and running start a New “machine”. Set it up with at least 512 megs of ram, 32 meg of video ram, and set an arbitrary amount of hard disk space as this doesn’t matter right now.

Then add the iso image that you downloaded from Ubuntu to the CD-rom in the virtual machine and boot up.

This will let you play around with Ubuntu while booted up in Windows without installing anything.

Note that either of these methods won’t be showing you Ubuntu in it’s full speeds. When Ubuntu is actually installed to your machine it will run much faster.

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