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A friend of mine, who works in the recruiting department, came up with a very interesting observation last evening. He said that there is enough information and tips for job seekers, but hardly any tips for recruiters for searching suitable candidates through online sites. He was basically talking about his frustration over finding one for his company online via job search sites. Although he was just making a statement, it actually made me realize how true it is!

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What are the basic areas recruiters find difficulty with? And how can they work smart around it? Here are some important tips for recruiting online via job posting search sites.

It is important to know the process of online recruitment. There are 2 basic ways of online recruitment. 1 – You skim through the resumes posted on the sites or 2- You post your job requirement and search through the responses to your job posting.

The second option is definitely more preferable and is used by majority of the corporates and companies simply because it is more prudent and you have more control. Now comes the next difficulty. How do you present the job information such that you attract the right candidates?

The answer lies in choosing the right keywords and phrases and presenting the requirement in a crisp and precise manner. Avoid using flowery language and long dramatic sentences. Keep it to the point. Preferably, write bullet points to bring out the information clearly. The basic fields should be – Job description, Location of work, Minimum qualification required, Qualities you are looking for, minimum years of experience of the candidate and a brief background to the company. Give the basics and provide a link for more information.

Always provide the job posting date. Give the contact details which you would be accessing regularly. Be prompt in replying to the responses. Also, ensure that you remove the job posting immediately once it is filled up.

Another area of difficulty is the posting of job requirements. Big companies and corporates have numerous job vacancies. The manual posting of each requirement takes up too much time and resources. In such cases, try sites which allow free and bulk upload of job entries. Preferably, look for a popular site that allows alternative ways of postings such as RSS and XML feeds.

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