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Online shopping is now a trending activity for many Americans. They are able to make purchases right at the comfort of their own home. In the entire World Wide Web, many online stores have emerged catering to different products thus if you are planning to create a handmade online store for your business prepare yourself for a number of competition.

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There are many online stores that are already established and are generating high traffic on the daily basis but making your own handmade online store makes a difference. You have all the rights to put whatever you like on the page. You have the discretion on what to sell and not what to sell on your handmade internet shop. You decide on the design of the page. It is all about you when it is your own handmade online store.

In creating your handmade online store, you need not be a computer wizard to create the page you like. You can hire a web designer to do the work for you. The page of your handmade internet store need not to be the same as other popular online store as long as it has a Home Page, Contact Us, About Us and Product Catalogs pages it definitely will work интернет магазин.

The Home Page of your handmade internet store is where you will introduce your products. Just like a magazine, it serves as the front page that will entice the visitors to read on and browse your online store. Contact Us page is where you place your e-mail address, business phone number and address of your handmade business where your clients can reach you when they have questions or they need to verify their orders. On the other hand, About Us page is where you introduce yourself. In this page of your handmade internet store, you can also explain why and how you started the business. Make the page personalize by adding photos and blogs. Most important page is the Product Catalog. This is where the products of your handmade internet store are enlisted. As much as possible break the products into categories. Also include description, price and thumbnail of each product for the benefit of the clients.

Now that your handmade online store is ready, your next task is to ready yourself for buyers. To do that, include credit card processors and you can also accept payments via Google Checkout and PayPal. Do not forget to install shopping carts on your page. Check out the sites of osCommerce, Zen cart and fat free cart for more information about shopping carts for your handmade internet store.

Now that your products are online, it is time to promote your handmade internet store. There are many ways to promote your handmade online store. You can simply promote your products on various free classified web pages, social networking sites, local promotion by posting flyers and giving out handbills and constant product updates via Twitter and Plurk.

MadeItMyself is a rapidly growing, unique and fun artisan online marketplace that lets you post your handmade creations and share them with the rest of the world.

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