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Today’s entrepreneurs start looking beyond oceans soon as their manifestation hits a jackpot in one market. The offshore market is vital to the overall success of your company and it’s long term survival of “guerrilla war” of product and idea duplication let alone “knock off” products.

The biggest hindrance to global market sharing has been language barriers thanks to the influx of bilinguals this problem is slowly but steadily going to bed.

Microsoft can afford to answer your support call from India, Vonage can sign you up for service from Manila and business like ours running a global network of bilinguals get to play a key role in social, economic and humanitarian requirements of both the private and public sector on a daily basis ASIAN ESCORTS NY.

The deterrence of communication due to language barriers is declining at supersonic speed thanks to the advancement in telecommunications’ technology which allows a Doctor in London assist a non English speaking patient from Panama through a bilingual agent sitting in her home office in small town in Indiana.

Business-men and women can confidently hump on plane to meet a a prospective client who they neither speak his or her language nor understands there’s. These meetings successful take place by the support of either an on-site -bilingual or through and over-the -phone interpreters. Video conferencing is also commonly used to facilitate such meetings. This is defining the new currency of business in terms of speed and efficiency. The availability of such services boosts growth to a multitude of industries from tourism to journalism.

The role of bilinguals in globalization and their contributions to cross-boarder marketing will only continue skyrocket when you consider the rate at which Asian nations like China, South Korea, India etc are becoming key World Market players.

The good news is the awareness exhibited in the positive response and propensity to learn languages by many. There is a huge number of people investing brains in learning Chinese or English and it comes handy with online language classes that are less taxing vs the old style of commuting to your Church conference room every Wednesday evening after a long day at work.

China is about to surprise the World this summer during the Olympics by how fast they taught their Olympic staff and volunteers foreign languages especially English.

I remember 10 years when I was in Japan, most Japanese store attendants used to be very nervous when a so called “gaijin” walked in the door, this was mainly due the fear on the language barrier.
Last year I went to Japan and all that had changed, store attendants now literary fight for you to have a chance to use their English that they have learned through “ekaiwa”

The contributions of today’s bilinguals to the social, economic and humanitarian needs of both the private and public sectors of many nations is unmeasurable and thanks to of existence bilingual networks finding bilinguals is becoming easier everyday and the cost of hiring one vs signing up for service with such networks is wastefully higher.
The ways these businesses operate might define the future of the entire customer service industry given the rising costs of the gas at the pump and the declining cost for telecommunication technology.

In the very near future customer care companies will find it not only sensible but economically wise to hire a home agent who is less costlier than renting and furnishing four or more floors of expensive real estate to run such a facility that really can be ran virtually at minimal costs. The agents would opt to work for $15 and hours dollars from home than make $15 commuting on a daily expense for gas of about $15.

If you ask me, I say Bilingualism and globalization are synonymous, and this interrelationship will last for a very long time until the World starts to speak one language.

Good luck in everything you do!

Frederic Mugul

We support the following languages among others: CHINESE, JAPANESE, SPANISH, SWAHILI, RUSSIAN , FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, TAGALOG and VIETNAMESE……..All Professional Bilinguals welcome!!

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