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The gift of sight is the most valuable possession of a living being. The world we live in would be very different without this sense but most of us take this gift for granted. Below are lists of tips that can be followed to ensure good eyesight for your whole life.

Tips to improve your eyesight

• Exercises for your eyes: There are mainly 3 different exercises that you need to do to improve your eyesight. Firstly, improve your focus of distant objects by looking at something far away for 30 seconds every hour.

For the second exercise you need to put your finger in front of your face then switching views from your finger to a distant object with just an eye closed. This exercise can improve the Visiclear focusing ability of your eyes.

And lastly, improve the blood circulation to the head and eyes by nodding your head up and down for at least half an hour a day.

• Avoid glasses: Glasses only provide a temporary solution and can only make your eyesight worse over time.

• Bilberry extract: Bilberry extract is the best thing you can take to boost your eyesight. The best is to get the standardize extract at 160 mg but anything over 100 mg is effective.

• Say no to sugar: Stay away from sugar or sugar based foods as they can deteriorate your eyesight.

• Turn down the heat in your house: As heat dries out the air, it can also dry your eyes which can lead to bad eyesight.

• Load up on Vitamin A and Beta carotene: As widely known, the intake of Vitamin A and Beta carotene rich foods like apricots, carrots, broccoli and pumpkins can greatly improve your eyesight.

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