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As most people have already heard, most (at least 80%) of all information that is transmitted to others is through non-verbal cues or body language.

For example, when speaking with someone, we are more likely to lean in when we are really interested in what the other person is saying, cross our arms if we are defensive or in disagreement, pull back when we are pensive. For women, crossing your legs towards the other person indicates a subconscious desire to create distance.

Body language is especially important  Language of desire when first getting to know another person. With little experience between you, no clues as to who the other person is, their knowledge or interest in given topics; body language is all that we have to go on. And, in fact, body language can be the most intuitive and intimate part of getting to know someone. Body language says a lot about who we are or who the other person is, because we cannot control nor hide it. We cannot falsify or change what our bodies instinctively do. It is pure and honest.

Natural attraction occurs at a first glance, a touch, a smell. And, body language displays more in-depth information as to what the other person is thinking or feeling. Words can have several meanings and be subject to interpretation within a given context, while body language is mostly universal. Think back to the numerous situations within your life, where something that was said was taken out of context or altered. Words without the appropriate tone of voice, body language, inflection, can create misunderstandings. With interracial dating, you must be aware to clarify any cultural differences.

Arms, legs, eyes, mouth, head, and hands are the areas that most often have a clear meaning. Crossed arms are the most obvious negative reaction, which can be caused by discontent, anger, boredom, and withdrawal from the conversation.

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