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Top 3 Income Streams for your Online Business

Having multiple streams of income is a must for any online business. Today you will learn the top 5 income streams that are not only free but are extremely profitable. I’ve never met a single millionaire who did not have multiple streams of income from a variety of different areas. It may be the most critical step in your online success and it’s the difference between making 10 dollars a day and making 10 thousand dollars.

1. Affiliate Marketing Becoming an Affiliate of a company that has products you would like to promote can be very beneficial to you. Most if not all of these affiliate companies are free to join and provide training on now to sale their products. The reason this is so important is it allows you to go into business immediately weather you have a website or not. Profit margins on these items can range anywhere from $5 to $5000 and most are free to join.

If you have a website or blog then even better as you will be able to place your Affiliate Links on your site and receive commissions every time someone clicks on your link. Super easy and very profitable, in fact there are entire companies built of just affiliate marketing and nothing else. It would be wise to add this to your portfolio as one of your multiple Streams of income. is one of the top affiliate companies online today and offer a wide range of affiliate products you can promote. Quick Tip Scroll down on product pages you see online and usually there is an affiliate link at the bottom for you to sign up with. Its really a no brainer and should be employed by all online marketers.

2. Google AdSense While this method alone will not make you wealthy it can add a very nice chunk of cash in your bank account daily. Not to mentioned it also makes Google spider your site almost daily and the more Google checks out your site then the better. This method does require you to have a website or blog though as this is where you will place your ads. Google has gotten better with relevant content ads as well meaning that if your a watch seller the ads that pop up on your site will be related to watches and not makeup or some other random item. This has been a challenge in the past but they have gotten better and its a Free great way to add extra income to your bottom line.

3. Blogging Now some may look at this and say how is a blog a multiple stream of income product. Rest assured my friends Blogging is not only a stream of income it can quickly become your top income producer. Blogs at this time in history are ranking higher than any other site online. Even paid advertisers are getting out ranked by blogs and their ability to drive traffic to your affiliates. Google the giant of search engines absolutely loves Blogs and they rank extremely high on searches.

Your blog can be monetized (built to make you money) and promote not only your affiliate products but also your Prostastream brand and you! People today like to see who they are purchasing items from plus this gives you the ability to capture your future customers information. On blogs there is an opt in field where people can enter their information such as Name and Email and once you have this information you can market to them forever.

The Blog can have as many affiliate products on it as you’d like to promote plus giving you the advantage of capturing their information before the go off to your affiliate promotion. Some people just run blogs and nothing else as it is that powerful of an income stream and even attracts adversities which yet another stream of income.

There are many different ways you can create Multiple Streams of Income and I encourage you to implore as many as possible. The more streams of income you have coming in the more successful you will be. Making $100 a day doesn’t seem like a lot of money but if you multiply that as outlined above it can turn into $1000 a day.That’s the power of Multiple Streams of Income and now you know how to get started on it.

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