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Women across the world are familiar with plastic surgery. Whether they have personally attained breast augmentation, or simply know someone who has had such surgery, the idea of being able to actually change our physical appearance is a common reality. What is not so common, however, is the fact that now women can also alter the appearance of their vaginas. Female surgery, also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal cosmetic surgery, is slowly beginning to dominate the plastic surgery field. As common as breast augmentation or liposuction, women can now enhance their femininity, as easy as they can enlarge their breasts or flatten their stomachs.

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Female surgery presents itself in several different forms; everything from actual alterations to the vagina itself, to adjustments to the body parts that surround the vagina, all fall under the umbrella of female surgery. The following procedures are most common in regards to female surgery ophtalmologues Courbevoie:

Vaginoplasty is female surgery that tightens of the vaginal muscles. After childbirth, an enlarged vagina is relatively common side effect. Considering that during childbirth, the vagina is stretched severely enough to prevent the vagina from going back to its initial size, vaginoplasty exists to assist in restoring the original state of a woman’s vagina.

Labiaplasty is female surgery that reduces the labia minora or majora, or a woman’s inner or outer vaginal lips. Women who have enlarged inner lips experience embarrassment, which ultimately affects their intimacy. They also often times experience discomfort in their clothing. Whether born with large labia minora, or whether it is a condition that developed overtime, labiaplasty is a procedure that can, as early as six weeks after surgery, alleviate issues of embarrassment, aging and discomfort for women. Similarly, women experiencing the aforementioned problems with their outer vaginal lips can also turn to labiaplasty to rectify their situation.

For women who have thickened skin over the clitoris, there is female surgery referred to as clitoral unhooding that is surgically available. Women with access skin over their clitoris endure sexual interference and in some cases, experience decreased sensitivity to the area. Although it has not been proven in every case, it has been reported that when the clitoral hood is surgically reduced in size, it is possible for the woman to enjoy greater and more intense stimulation often resulting in intense orgasms.

In addition to the more common female surgeries mentioned above, there are also surgeries that can be done to surrounding body parts that can enhance a woman’s intimate experiences. The first is the reduction of the mons pubis, which is desired when a woman has excess fatty deposits in their lower abdomen. Women who suffer from this problem are often uncomfortable with how they look in their clothes, often fearing that they look like men. The second female surgery that falls into this category is called abdominoplasty. For women suffering from childbirth aftermath or significant weight gain, this procedure, also referred to as a “tummy tuck” will reduce abdomen size and tighten abdomen muscles. Unlike the other female surgeries, the symptoms mentioned above can be cured by liposuction, and not direct surgery to the vagina itself.

Whether your goal is to enhance the vagina itself or to enhance other parts of your body that will improve your femininity, female surgery exists to get you that much closer to feeling like yourself again. Surgeons who specialize in vaginal cosmetic surgery understand that of all the surgeries, female surgery is the most intimate, and it should be very surgeon’s goal to ensure that you, as a candidate for such surgery, are as satisfied as you can be before, during and after your surgery takes place.

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