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Is your sex drive a little low lately? Feeling a bit fatigued in the bedroom? There are ways to kick up your desire for sex and the answer is not always in a pill.

Regular exercise may be just the ticket to improve a sex drive literotica. We all know that exercise can improve heart health, help you lose weight, and make you stronger, but research now shows that a regular exercise routine may have other benefits as well.

When we exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise, our brain releases endorphins, our “happy” neuro-chemicals. These chemicals in our body enhance mood and general feeling of well-being. For people who are stressed out or fatigued, this can mean an improved sense of clarity and energy. Why not take that into the bedroom? Feel good about life and you will inevitably feel good about sex. Feel good about sex and you’ll want more.

But the energy boost isn’t the only benefit of regular workouts. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a regular exercise routine to improve a sex drive are the physical improvements. Just in terms of how we feel, working out may make us feel differently about our bodies. Keeping your body slim, strong, flexible and injury and sickness-free is a sure way to more confidence or at the very least, an easily moving body. This overall wellness can mean a greater desire to show off and use your body.

Good sex requires strong muscles and any exercise routine that increases core strength is a great choice. Your abdominals, glutes and low back are very much involved in sex and keeping them strong and toned may assist in better orgasms simply by the virtue of where they are placed anatomically. Any of the muscles of the trunk and pelvis are important, but none more important than the pelvic floor muscles.

Perhaps better described as the “best sex” muscles, the pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles directly under your body at the base of your torso. They are like a hammock slung under your pelvis and work to control the actions of the bladder. The pelvic floor has also been linked to better orgasms. Sex therapists use Kegel exercises to help patients get in touch with this part of their body, and this goes for both men and women. Keep the pelvic floor muscles strong just as you would any other muscle in your body.

The moral of this story is basically this: If you are feeling low and your sex drive is the poor victim of stress or depression, you may find relief with a regular exercise routine. The combination of improved strength, more stamina, increased body awareness and general feeling of well-being that comes from having a regular exercise routine, may allow you to feel more excited about sex which in turn may leave you wanting more.

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