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Our mission at 3D Mink Lashes Supplier is to give you a beautiful lash that will last. This means that we will not out bark the price, nor do we try to gouge you into believing that our products are the best in the world. Everything that we manufacture is made with passion and care, using high quality ingredients and using professional techniques that ensure longer lasting results, for all skin types. Our lashes are clinically proven to not irritate or dry out your skin, and our professional up to 25 wears guarantee means that you can re-try any colour or shade as many times as you like, without fear of breaking the promise that you made.

3d mink lashes supplier

Our brand offers two different styles of kits. The first is the Mink Blush Kit. This kit set includes four shades of mascara in three different finishes – shimmery, metal and black. Our professional trained eyelash enhancers will gently apply each colour to your lashes, for a dramatic look. Each kit also includes a brush to help with the application, an applicator and the Mink Lash Wrapper which help to create a longer-lasting base for your stunning lashes.

The second style of kit is the Mink Mascara Shampoo. Our professional eyelash provider uses a blend of natural oils to soften and condition the lashes, creating an ultra smooth finish. This conditioning process also helps to reduce the risk of irritation and offers you a long lasting lash. All colours are applied by our trained experts in the comfort of your own home. This ensures that you can use our products as much or as little as you like, and enjoy the consistency and lasting power of our specially formulated Mink Mascara. Our private label kit also contains a shampoo to apply after your eyes have been treated, which helps restore the natural beauty of your eyes.

The Mink Mascara is available in three different finishes to suit your requirements. The standard Mink Shampoo & Conditioner are available in metallic colours. There is also our Shampoo refill kit set, which provides you with a hassle-free and quick application with a built in micro fibre brush. You also get Mink lashes replacement packs containing either two or twelve pairs of lashes. These replace the standard lashes in your Mink Mascara so you no longer need to buy more to complement your eye colour.

Our Mink Mascara Kit contains everything you need to achieve amazing looking lashes in a range of eye colours. Mink lashes are made from a unique synthetic fibres which provide the necessary curl and shine. They are not only strong but also flexible and can be used with a wide variety of eye shadows and mascaras. The lashes are no smudging, long lasting and do not clump. When you are finished using your Mink Mascara you will have fourteen different colours of lashes to choose from!

Mink sells a mascara base that is designed to stand up to daily wear and tear and is non-smudging. The lashes are made of micro fibre to provide a smooth application. Mink eyelash manufacturer always guarantee their product with a thirty days money back guarantee. The lashes are available in several different finishes and colours to suite all occasions.

The Mink lashes Kit consists of an eyelash glue, eyelash comb, applicator brush, lash primer and Mink eyelashes. Using a simple palette knife, carefully remove the Mink eyelash mascara from the packaging. Apply the eyelash glue to your clean palette. Brush the eyelashes kit set on to your lashes, starting off with a single lash and working up to fourteen lashes at a time. Use the eyelash primer to coat the lashes with a natural-looking shine and to prevent them from feathering during application.

All of our products are manufactured in compliance with health and safety standards and are free of any preservatives. We have chosen to offer the Mink Mascara as a free sample due to its popularity, particularly for the Winter Wonderland Theme, as it gives an opportunity for us to make an impression on people and to see what they think. We are delighted to offer this product as we know that it will quickly become a top seller as a gift option. If you would like to purchase additional Mink Mascara products such as the Mink Jowl or Mink Headbands, please visit our website. You can browse and buy all of our products online.

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