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ApidexSlim uses ingredients that will suppress your appetite while increasing metabolic rate and allowing you to burn fat fast. Have you ever followed a diet only to realize that your hair was falling out and your nails were brittle? This happens all too often because you may not be getting the nutrition your body needs.

Using ApidexSlim gives you some of the most powerful weight loss ingredients all wrapped up into one gentle and easy to use formula.

Although diet and exercise are key for any weight loss program, ApidexSlim has been known to enhance these results and even produce results among those who are not exercising regularly.

What ApidexSlim ingredients make it so powerful?

SatieReal: has been proven to suppress appetite in 100% of women who use it. Comes from an extract of saffron.

CoQ10: in a study overweight participants lost 29.7 pounds after using the clinically proven amounts of this ingredient, which are included in ApidexSlim.

iGOB Irvingia Gabonensis: in a 10 week trial users of irvingia lost 28.1 pounds compared to the 1.4 pounds lost by those using a placebo

Phytosome Green Tea: uses all the powerful parts of green tea without causing side effects. Users of this ingredient lost more than 30.8 pounds compared to the placebo group who lost just over 13 pounds.

Chromax: powerful appetite suppressant. Helps you effortlessly consume 365 fewer calories than you would without. In a year this translates to almost 40 pounds of pure fat you could lose making absolutely no effort.

Probiotics: low levels of probiotics are found in obese people but they can improve the digestive system and help everything to move smoothly.

1,3,7-trimethylxanthine: a natural stimulant that is proven in clinical trials to increase metabolism by more than 3%.

Skin, Hair, Nail Blend:

As ApidexSlim points out, what is the point in losing weight if you do not look as amazing as you had hoped? This is why ApidexSlim provides you with nutrients necessary to improve the Sonus Complete quality of your hair, skin, and nails. When using ApidexSlim you should not experience brittle nails or hair that falls out easily.

These nutrients that improve beauty include biotin, vitamin c, vitamin e, folic acid, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, collagen type II, hyaluronic acid, and idebenone.

With these ingredients you might even be able to turn back the clock a few years!

Each of the ingredients in ApidexSlim is high quality and known to produce weight loss results. As an added bonus, there are very few side effects you should anticipate when using ApidexSlim. The few stimulants may cause ApidexSlim side effects like headaches or anxiety but that should go away within less than a week.

Cost is probably a huge factor in your diet pill decision. ApidexSlim ingredients are high quality, which usually means that the price will reflect that.

ApidexSlim costs $97 full price. Luckily, the official website is offering some impressive discounts. It is only $67 for one bottle. If you buy three bottles it will cost $49 per bottle ($147). Five bottles are $39.39 each or $197.

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