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As I have mentioned before, some programs are very good for you and your business. I have some certain programs that I have either paid for or got for free. They have worked very well for me and I would recommend them to anyone that wants a good defense against any malicious coding or hacker out there.

Kaspersky Internet Security Suite – So far, this has been my favorite compilation of major internet security programs. It comes with an antivirus, firewall, protection from identity theft and phishing scams. It is optimized to run smoothly on your PC so that way it is not too much of a resource hog. The program updates every day so you have up to the date protection .

When Kaspersky detects some “funny” behavior such as someone trying to hack you, detecting a virus or is wondering if that program you started (or did you?) is a trustworthy program; a warning box will pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and ask you what you would like to do such as ignore, allow or deny the program. I have been overall impressed with the results (it can be a bit pricey though) teatime results.

Lavasoft AdAware – This is a paid for adware removal program. If you plan on scanning with this, make sure to do a deep scan (or full scan) of your computer so that way you can scan every file to see if there is anything there. The scans could take hours depending on how much hard drive space you have used up and if you have other programs running in the background (that is not recommended as your computer could crash). It also has an active protection which runs in the background to stop ad programs from getting on your computer.

Spybot Search and Destroy – Spybot is a free program that is widely supported and developed. The scan times can take awhile depending on the same factors as AdAware above (no running programs, how many files it has to check and how deep it has to scan). It checks for malicious cookies, spyware and a few other things that I cannot remember. I am currently doing a scan and it is searching for 647,378 known malicious files, which is a very large file list! Spybot also comes with an active protection as well called “TeaTimer” to protect you from anything that actively wants to hurt your computer. The immunize option allows you to “immunize” yourself from said cookies and other malicious files to keep them from getting on your computer again (make sure to consistently immunize after you update).

I do not run all of the three active programs together as my computer has crashed because of this. I do scan with Spybot and AdAware independently from Kaspersky so I can get a “different opinion” on each scan, even though that each program has their respective “expertise” as to what they scan for (viruses, malware, adware…)

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