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Shopping mall halls are always busy during the holiday season. Leave it up to Microsoft to come with new technology to make the trip to your local shopping destination less of a hassle. The Redmond, Washington-based technology company recently added Mall Maps to its Bing search engine, an update that provides consumers with an easier way to navigate through the holiday madness.

Bing Mall Maps brings the directory you typically find in the shopping mall hallway to internet search. The new feature can be accessed by clicking the “Mall Map” link found in Bing’s local search results, giving users access to data that can help them finish up their shopping venture a little faster. When clicking on images of individual stores, the results yield relevant details such as contact information, in addition to a link to the stores company page on Bing Maps. Offering another way for consumers to find what they want, the Mall Maps feature could prove to be valuable to local businesses 레플리카 시계.

Optimizing For Bing Mall Maps

The key to taking full advantage of the new feature will be adding and optimizing your business page on Bing Maps. Take a trip to the search engines “Local Listing Center” and click on the “add new listing” link to include your business in the database. From there, you can enter all the details that pertain to your company and local store. When adding your listing, keep in mind that sound SEO goes a long way in assuring that users will find your store in the search results. Aside from optimizing your business page with keywords, Microsoft recommends manually submitting it to Bing for indexing and making use of its free SEO toolkit to optimize for higher ranking.

Only the Beginning

The introduction of Bing Mall Maps was made possible by Microsoft engineers who went out and mapped the inside of shopping destinations across the country. While the feature does include locations in major markets, it is only a select few in the United States. Bing Mall Maps primarily serves up local search results for stores in the metropolitan areas of Boston, New York, and Seattle. Microsoft is rolling the feature out slowly, but says it has plans on extending to other major cities, and its mobile platform Windows Phone 7 in the very near future.

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