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Bike parking has become an essential feature of many urban streetscapes and major building complex. For businesses, providing secure storage can encourage cycling among employees-helping to support improved health, satisfaction and productivity. Convenient and accessible parking can also be a way for retailers to attract new customers-while contributing to a community’s overall well-being. driveway security post for sale

Before selecting a style of bike accommodation, however, it is important to have a good sense of its intended location.

Visibility and accessibility are top priorities. Parking should be visible-ideally when approaching as well as occupying a building destination. This will ensure that cyclists are made aware of bike-parking areas when approaching a location-and will be able to keep an eye out while visiting. Additionally, be sure to consider:

Bike racks are a standard form of parking. They are often the most versatile and cost-effective means for storage and the best solutions for areas with limited space. Bike racks come in a range of materials and finishes, but it is important to look for products that offer adequate strength and durability. Powder-coated and stainless steel racks offer resilient aesthetics that will resist wear and weathering while also ensuring optimal security for users.

When installing a bike rack, it’s important to select a shape and style that will support a bike’s frame. Many out-of-date styles offer only wheel locking security, but these styles (often referred to as “wheel-benders”) risk damaging the trueness of a wheel-which can result in an uncomfortable wobble and ineffective braking while riding.

Bike Bollards

Bike bollards offer the same functionality as bike racks, but also provide an added level of aesthetic and functional versatility. Bike bollards are sold with the same powder-coated and stainless steel materials as bike racks, but they also come in a range of cast ductile iron designs. Casting is a more versatile process than machining manufactured steel and offers significantly more ability to develop decorative and ornamental designs to suit or enhance buildings and landscapes.

Bollards are more versatile than standard bike racks in that they can be installed with removable mountings, securable with padlock and key. This feature can be ideal for multi-use spaces, or areas where service and delivery vehicles may need occasional access. Bike bollard covers are also an option for pre-existing steel pipe bollards. Applying a cover can increase aesthetic appeal as well as add functionality.

Bike Lockers

Bike lockers offer the best option for longer-term bike parking. They provide fully enclosed spaces that protect bikes from weathering, theft and vandalism-and can store other accessories such as helmets, lights, paniers and other spare clothing. Lockers are a popular option for park-and-ride commuting, where travelers can opt to ride their bike to a major transit hub and then take a bus or train to a more distant location. Lockers are also suitable for locations such as community or recreation centers, shopping malls or workplaces where visitors park for an extended length of time.

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