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Upright vacuums can vary in size, capabilities and price. Over the years vacuum cleaners have become more complex with added gadgets and gimmicks making some of these units very expensive. The National Super Service Pacer 214UE is an elite vacuum cleaner among uprights with a high price to match. In the seven to eight hundred dollar range this vacuum rivals vacuums such as the Windsor Versamatic and the high end Dyson lineup. Weight is also a factor with the NSS Pacer 214UE which boasts two very powerful vacuum motors and quality onboard tools.

Reinigungsfirma Gebäudereinigung Möhringen - Apido Clean

The pacer 214UE NSS vacuum cleaner is a beautiful vacuum cleaner to look at and was designed with sleek lines and a modern look in mind. Weighing in at 21 pounds this behemoth of a vacuum cleaner is a power house that is built like a tank with the weight of a tank Schulreinigung Einbeck. It seems in today’s current vacuum market in order to get a well built vacuum cleaner most manufacturers overcompensate and make vacuum cleaners that are great in single level facilities but fail to take into account stairwells and steep inclines. Overall in design the Pacer 214 is made of quality materials from the easy to handle quick draw wand to the quiet brush bearings.

The main body of the vacuum features an ergonomic handle that is easy to grasp and is well secured to the refuse tank. The on and off switch is placed in an easy to reach area on the front of the vacuum with a red power on indicator light. The forty foot cord wraps nicely from the top handle to the middle of the unit with no bending over and unravels just as easy. The wand is located on the right side of the unit which is great if your right handed but can be cumbersome for left handed users. The vacuum comes complete with a crevice tools and rectangular brush that tucks neatly away on the top of the vacuum. Another brush attachment also is included with the vacuum and Velcro’s to the front of the unit. The front brush on the unit is better stored away due to the lack of adhesion to the machine when maneuvering under objects.

The filter bags on the vacuum cleaner are easy to replace and hold 5 quarts of debris. To change the filter bag, a lever is depressed on the back of the vacuum cleaner allowing access to the inside of the unit. A red snap lever is then pressed and the bag comes free. The Pacer comes complete with three levels of filtration with an optional micro filter available for Green cleaning and air quality sensitive areas. Below the bag is a a mesh exhaust filter that can easily be replaced and protects the motor from debris escaping from bag tears and incorrect bag sealing upon installation.

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